Carpe Diem Haru Higan

Spring Equinox, we are now in astrological spring folks, so chins up! I quite like this Haiku thing, though I didn’t like yesterday’s word.

Haru Higan! Yes!
Our sweet springtime equinox,
On this bright march day.

Hmmm, not so brilliant..

Now the old Druids,
Do stir from homes, to the stones,
For Haru Higan!

Slightly better. What do you think?


Carpe Diem: Aomugi

This is my first entry to the Carpe Diem Haiku weblog, and I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll be honest, I haven’t written a haiku since primary school, where my debut work was ‘My Dog Jazz’. So, let’s give it a whirl, country girl!

Ah yes, the prompt word is Aomugi, meaning Green Barley!

O, sweet green barley,
Your long fronds a-swing the breeze,
Softly past my face.

So high dust thee climb,
Aomugi, for the hops,
Aye, for bitter beer.

Hey, how was that? Please comment!

A Poem!

Three posts today, I know, I’m sorry!

I just finished writing out this poem in my first shoddy attempt at ‘Bilbo Hand’, which can be found here, and is the writing style of Bilbo (and Frodo) in the Lord of the Rings films. As it is, this took me ages to write, but I hope to become more fluent!

The poem is based off of Bilbo’s poem in Rivendell, Book 1, Chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it.

No, the font doesn’t incorporate capitals.