Vintage Pens!

For Christmas this year, I was lucky to receive a few items relating to pen and ink. If you’re interested, the sum total of such items was:

Mabie Todd Swan 200/60
Noodler’s Konrad Flex Pen
Diamine Sepia
Noodler’s X-Feather Black
Rhodia Webnotebook Pocket Notebook
Moleskine Limited Edition ‘The Hobbit’ Pocket Notebook

It is, however, the first item I am interested in talking to you about today. The Swan pen is a vintage pen of the Mabie Todd & Co (MT&C) pen company. The company is gone now and are not producing any more, which is a shame. It dates to during the second world war, being c1940’s. It’s a lovely pen, and writes with a fine semi-flex nib, giving some line variation. The material is called ‘BCHR’ in the fountain pen community – Black Chased Hard Rubber. Here are some pictures:






The Inscription


The Nib


Size Comparison With Pelikan M200

As you can see, it’s a very pretty pen (in my humble opinion anyway). I haven’t had a flex nibbed pen before now (it’s my first), due to the fact that very few are produced nowadays. I thought I might have difficulty using it, as some nibs require a very light hand to work with. However, this one isn’t too flexible and I can write with ease. the quality of the nib is astounding, especially considering that it’s at least 70 years old. The pen is also a lever filler, which I have not had before. Suffice to say, it works perfectly. I’m very happy with this pen. It has opened up my eyes to a whole area of pens I’ve barely considered before now. Let’s just say that I’m on the vintage market too, now. If you’re interested, this pen cost £80 on fleaBay. However, I highly expect you can get the same quality for half the price if you’re patient (I just went in for the kill on the Christmas rush).

Lastly, here’s a writing sample for your pleasure. The ink is Diamine Midnight.


PS: Has my handwriting improved from here?


Diamine Midnight ‘Review’

I’ve recently had a load of ink come through, so this week I’ll have one post a day for each colour, Sunday to Sunday. Of course, I’ll post ‘normal’ posts too, so don’t worry if the colours bore you. Feel free to comment on whether or not you like the colours, will buy them and so on. I’ve a few more inks that have only come through the post recently, but I haven’t got around to using them (they’re cartridges, and I have only one cartridge pen). Enjoy!

Lets start with Diamine Midnight, a beautiful dark blue ink. Please forgive my awful handwriting, I’m trying to improve it. You can still see the colour of the ink, even if you can’t read the words (that;s my excuse). Diamine Midnight is currently doubling as my favourite my favourite blue, and my everyday writing ink. It’s a great colour.


PS: Best get used to the Tolkien quotes!