Fountain Pen & Misc Retailers UK

To anybody who is interested in Fountain Pens from the UK, buying the damn things can seem difficult. At a first glance, the UK just doesn’t seem to have as many sites and retailers. I’ve compiled a surprisingly long list with the help of those at the Fountain Pen Network of UK based retailers. Each has a small commentary. I hope this helps!

The Writing Desk
Andy’s Pens
Cult Pens
Pens of the Forest
The Battersea Pen Home
The Online Pen Company
Pen and Paper
Bureau Direct
Executive Pens Direct
Diamine UK
Montblanc UK
Lane Hammets

The Writing Desk: Stocks almost everything. Inks from most brands, pens from most brands and a good range of accessories. Nib spares and pen cases are available here. NO NOODLER’S.

PurePens: Sells Noodler’s merchandise. The only UK based store I have found. They also stock general pens and inks, but I find their prices higher than TWD or Diamine. I only use them for Noodler’s items.

Vintage FP’s: A good place to look for vintage fountain pens if you don’t want to go through eBay (or are just looking at many different places). Mainly stock Parker, Mabie Todd, Sheaffer, Waterman, Conway Stewart and Wahl Eversharp. Other brands come and go. Also offer repairs.

Andy’s Pens: A small fountain pen retailer based in Kent. Andy stocks both modern and vintage pens at very fair prices. Excellent customer service, I really enjoy dealing with him. He is very helpful with repairs and purchases.

Cult Pens: I have little experience with this site. However, it stocks a wide range of pens and some inks. I prefer TWD though. Easier to navigate and fairer prices. I won’t pretend to know too much about this retailer.

Pens of the Forest: The personal company of one Rodney Neep. He creates beautiful fountain (and rollerballs) from different woods at affordable prices. Based in the Forest of Dean here in England.

The Battersea Pen Home: A nice online shop selling pens both vintage and modern at fair prices with good postage rates! I hate paying postage, so very good! They also sell inks, paper and paraphernalia.

Henry Simpole: Again, the personal site of one Henry Simpole, a man who creates very high quality top of the range pens. Slightly out of my price range for now, but these pens really are eye openers. Quality.

TOPC: An online retailer that deals in all sorts of pens. I have not bought from them but their prices seem fair and they have a good range of stock. Definitely worth a look. Their ‘Special Offers’ are great!

Pen and Paper: A site that stocks pen and ink, but also a very wide range of accessories. These range from notebooks to inkwells – inkwells! A nice website if you’re looking to buy a nice gift for somebody.

Bureau Direct: What a site! Similar to Pen and Paper in that it has lots of quirky things suitable for gifts. It also stocks the entire LAMY pen line. Anything over £5, and postage is free!

Executive Pens Direct: Another site you probably won’t have heard of (I hadn’t) that stocks pen and ink in the UK. You’ll find brands like the Italian Aurora on this site, that you may not see elsewhere.

Pen Heaven: An extensive site with lots and lots of stuff to look at. Pens that I didn’t even know existed! Lots of smaller brands like ‘Fisher’ available, as well as the usual accessories.

Diamine UK: Diamine is an ink brand based in the UK. Buying ink directly from them is often easier than going through TWD. Also stock 30ml bottles as well as 80ml. TWD don’t.

Montblanc UK: Another ink brand available direct from manufacturer in the UK. This stuff is not sold by TWD. MB ink is quite high range, and is a good gift to a fountain pen user.

eBay UK: Obviously, eBay is not a fountain pen retailer. However, if you’re looking for something vintage, eBay is always a good place to look.

WHSmiths: I’ve included Smiths as they stock quite a lot of Parker goods, as well as Lamy Safari’s. They wouldn’t be my first choice, but you’re likely to have one on your high street. They stock a fair range of cartridge brands too.

Lane Hammets: Where I live, Lanes is just round from Smiths. It’s a bit quirkier and a bit more hit and miss, but they stock some things that Smiths don’t. I picked up a Parker cartridge converter and a bottle of Quink the other day, as well as a Rhodia notebook. Things that Smiths don’t have, Lanes might. Dip pens and inks they sell also.


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