What Can I Do For You?

I am a book reviewer. I review books for my own enjoyment, and to spread the word about great books. If you are an up-and-coming writer (or even a successful writer), and would like your book reviewed, I would be happy to oblige. I am not a professional book reviewer. I do not make any profit out of my reviews. In fact; the majority of them cost me. Thus, I see no reason to charge for my services.

This is, in fact, mutually beneficial. I review your novel, which will give you some credit. You publish on your website or what have you, a link to my review; gaining publicity for my blog.

I have created an email address, datbookreviews@gmail.com, to which you can send anything you would like reviewed; be it a full piece or an excerpt. File types accepted will be Kindle Files – .mobi (preferred), PDF Files – .pdf (accepted) and Word Documents – .doc/.docx (just-about accepted).

By default, reviews will be posted onto this blog, datbookreviews, however, if you would prefer the review to be private, this can be arranged, and must be specified when the text is sent to me.

I look forward to working with you. Please email me:



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