Max Thompson Photography

Max Thompson Photography is the website of my cousin, a budding wildlife photographer from Somerset. He is naturally skilled and intuitive photographer. In watching him take photos, his methods may be slightly unorthodox, but his results are superb as I’m sure you’ll see. He works in many styles within ‘nature and wildlife’, including macro, landscape and often Aviary (birds) photography. I myself have a section on there for my own works, and am proud to call myself the Editor.

Here are a few samples of his work, in a slightly lower quality than the website due to the origin of the photos.

Somerset Sunset
Flying Bird

And this beautifully abstract piece:


You can find his facebook page here and his full website here.

I also now have a section for my own photography hosted on the website. I was considering to create a blog for my own photography,; however, I do not take photos often enough to merit having a blog dedicated to them. Thus, I now have my own section on Max Thomspon Photography.


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