Carpe Diem Haru Higan

Spring Equinox, we are now in astrological spring folks, so chins up! I quite like this Haiku thing, though I didn’t like yesterday’s word.

Haru Higan! Yes!
Our sweet springtime equinox,
On this bright march day.

Hmmm, not so brilliant..

Now the old Druids,
Do stir from homes, to the stones,
For Haru Higan!

Slightly better. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haru Higan

  1. aloha Tom – as you’ve asked i hope you dont mind my response. i prefer the first one by far for me. for these reasons:

    the first ku:
    – makes use of fragment and phrase thinking (which to me is a strong component in haiku)
    – it’s showing me now rather than telling me about something (another plus in haiku)

    the second ku:
    – to me is a sentence broken up into 3 lines (something imo haiku is not altho as poetry that is fine)
    – it pushes forward rhyme and meter (another anti-haiku concept which is great in other poetic forms)

    just my think tho. so no worries. every haiku poet has to choose what is important to their ku. and that is part of the fun. aloha.

      • cool on starting up. when I restart in paint I’ve found much as i think you’ve done, a good place for me to begin is where I think I was when I stopped. it often jumps forward once I get that start going, so cool on you for the restart. what I’ve said is not the only way, there is not much about haiku that is chiseled in stone. maybe drawn in beach sand at mid-tide would be more accurate. so I encourage you to explore in your own way and when you discover something that makes sense to you explore that too. imo we are in a very pushing boundaries and redefining time-period with a lot that is going on in the world including haiku and related forms. have fun. aloha.

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