Planning a Story Plot

I’d just like to share with you a post about writing a novel – specifically, how to plan out the storyline for your novel. I say novel, it could be a play, a non-fiction piece or so on. It outlines twenty-five different ways you can do it, and I found it really, really interesting! I think it’s helped me too. I can’t reblog it directly, but here’s a link:


I take no credit for the content therein!


3 thoughts on “Planning a Story Plot

    • That’s why I love it – there’s so many ideas there that having looked at them all, it’d be impossible to stick to one knowing that some of the other things would suit you too – it encouraged me to find my own way of doing it through the volume of ideas there. I don’t like some of them. Most of them, even, but a few are brilliant.

  1. I like having a plan when I write though it’s fun to let the characters wander off and do their own thing. I need to know when to bring them back together and the plan keeps me on the straight and narrow 🙂

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