Diamine Sepia ‘Review’

I’m currently reading Rustin Petrae’s History of Purga Book One: Dragon, and it’ll be a little while before I can get a review up. I know quite a few people enjoy looking at fountain pen inks (at least, those posts are popular and I receive lots of incoming search terms), so I’m going for another ink week! That’s right, another seven inks for you all to ogle. Each one will be a short summary of why I like a certain ink, or don’t as the case may be. So let’s go shall we?

Diamine Sepia has become one of my favourite inks, which is why it’s occupying Day One. I love sepia toned inks, they’re on a par now with green inks (which were my previous favourites) and maybe on a path to overtake them; with this ink at the lead. Diamine Sepia is a very highly shading brown ink which ranges from a yellowy tone to a deep, true brown, especially in a flex nib. Other sepias I’d like to try include Noodler’s Golden Brown and Private Reserve Sepia.


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