Sheeny Ink

I’m sure you’re all very happy that I haven’t beguiled you with a lovely post about fountain pens for a while. Well, that’s a shame, because I’ve got one here for you now!

Sheeny ink. No, not shiny ink, sheeny ink. Ink can have many qualities, as I’m sure you know. Colour, shading, saturation, flow, lubrication and so on. One that isn’t heard of so often is sheen. Let’s take a look at the dictionary shall we?

A soft luster on a surface.
Shine or cause to shine softly.

And that’s what it is, really. A ‘sheeny’ ink has a little shine to it. Some are subtle and some are blatant. Some have to be seen on a certain paper under a certain light whilst others are more obvious. Most often, the sheen doesn’t match the colour of an ink. A lot of red inks have a golden sheen, whilst lots of blues have a red sheen. I have a purple with a green sheen. You see, I’ve been interested in sheen for some time. I know the names of inks with sheen and even have a few in my collection, but have never actually seen it. Until a few days ago! In the valentines day card, I was reading what I’d written and saw it – a little sparkle, a little glimmer. I was very, very excited – and it wasn’t even an ink I’d her mentioned for it’s luster. The ink is ‘Rohrer and Kligner Cassia’ (R&K being the brand). It’s an awesome dark purple.. with a green sheen. Here’s my photo:

R&K Sheen 2 photo P1050425_zps02eec62e.jpg

Now, my photo isn’t too impressive. It’s an amateur shot of some writing. Take a little look at this, though.

Credit: mhphoto at FPN

Is that not the most beautiful ink going? It’s Diamine’s Sargasso Sea (a blue) and it just shines! And take a little look at this, Diamine Wild Strawberry:

Credit: mhphoto at FPN

If you want to see more of these ink pictures, follow this link to the ink sheen thread at the Fountain Pen Network, a veritable cornucopia of lustrous ink!

If you think shiny ink is the sole province of high-school gel pens, think again. If you use a fountain pen, you could be in for a real treat in using sheeny inks like this. They’re not any more expensive than normal inks, in fact Diamine is one of the cheapest brands going. Just another reason to use fountain pens!


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