Changing or Improving Handwriting

Many people I know pronounce vehement vengeful hate to their handwriting. Okay, the majority of the time it is legible, acceptable and a lot better than mine! However, some people really should make the effort. Now, many people see it as impossible, as your adolescent handwriting is normally carried through your elder days. Not so! Whilst it can be very difficult, changing your handwriting is possible.

Essentially, you’re breaking a habit. The way your fingers form to make the words is a habit – muscle memory. What you need to do is break that pattern and re-teach your fingers the way you want them to write. Not an easy feat; I’m sure we’ve tried breaking a bad habit (cracking my knuckles, tapping out rhythms and counting footsteps being some of mine – and I’m not even autistic).

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to change or improve your handwriting.

To Improve: Perhaps you like the general style of your writing, but think it needs a tidy up. Perhaps make letter shapes more consistent, or space the letters out a bit more. In a way, this is more difficult than changing your handwriting, as the letter shapes will be similar to your previous ones, thus it will be easier to slip back to your old writing when you aren’t concentrating. Nevertheless, it can be done!

To Change: If you’re throwing off the shackles of your old writing, anything is possible! I’m sure you’ve seen the poem I wrote in the Bilbo Hand; that’s me trying to learn a new handwriting. It’s slightly easier if the new style is dissimilar to your previous one. If you’re skilled, you can practice many different styles, and swap ‘n choose between.

I think if you are musician, or an artist or such, it may be easier to you. If you’re good at things like picking up a new language, or instrument it medium; you have the right mindset to change your writing. I’m only just starting to work on my own writing, so I can’t give you too much advice. Visit the Penmanship forum at Fountain Pen Network and they’ll be happy to help; thats where the expertise is!


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