Are you a photographer? Do you like to take photos with your iPhone? I’m sure you know that Macro photography isn’t the iPhone’s strong point, and I expect you think you need a DSLR camera to get it on the world of Macro photography.. not so! In browsing the internet this morning, I found a product called iCroScope. Designed for the iPhone, it can work with some other phone models like BlackBerry, or possibly iPods. It is basically a macro lens that attaches to the iPhone camera, and renders spectacular close up macros with the standard iPhone camera.

As you can see, the image is perfectly in focus, and is very true to colour. The product sells for $30, and ships at $2 ($13 outside the US), which I think is really good pricing! Consider an entry level DSLR to be $300 minimum, and a Macro lens at around $50, so that’s an estimate saving of $320, which is not bad at all in my opinion!

Obviously, the website isn’t a huge business website. That’s because the product was developed by a normal fountain pen guy who wanted a product that he and others could use to photograph nibs and other small parts.

I have no affiliation and nor do I own one (not yet, at least), but I know many people at the Fountain Pen Network use and love the product; so I too suggest it! Please check out the iCroScope website.


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