Necropolis (Anthony Horowitz) Book Review

In preparation for the final ‘Power of Five’ book, – which is still sitting on my desk, arrggghhhh! – Oblivion, I’ll review the second most recent book, Necropolis. The Power of Five series has been going a few years now, Horowitz is a slow writer at best. Hey, gotta keep the reviews flowing!

In The Power of Five, we meet the final member of the Five – Scarlet, or ‘Scar’ in the old times. On a school trip to the blitzed London, she passes through an old door to what must be another part of the world. With a hasty escape, Scar’s life turns back to normal.. Until her father is whisked away to New York, and Scarlet soon summoned to follow him. Scarlet unwillingly accepts and takes the journey to New York, which is set to become.. A Necropolis.

The plot of Necropolis is ahh.. Fairly slow, in my opinion. This hasn’t been a feature of the previous books. It is not, as with the latter Septimus Heap books, required and suited to the tone of the book either. I think the tone of the book is much more somber than the previous three, but I’m not sure I like it. The book just seems a lot more dreary than its predecessors. The setting is not nice, nor is it meant to be, but the whole book seems abysmal and dulled. I don’t know, I just didn’t enjoy it hardly as much as the last ones. It wasn’t exciting, nor did I particularly enjoy it. The plot twist at the end just seemed pointless really. For a few glorious moments, the Five were together in full glory, and then.. Boom. Over. Pushed back even further than the start of the first books, even Scott and Jamie are -SPOILERS- . Haha! It does make me even more avid to read Oblivion, but it’s a real shame that the plot of Necropolis was sub-par. I had to drag myself to read it. If you’re reading the series though, it’s definitely an integral part of the larger plot.

There aren’t actually too many new characters in Necropolis really. There’s Scar of course, and the other Five for a short amount of time. The involvement of the Nexus is minimal.. There’s the head of the Night Rise corporation and a fat Chinese man; but that’s about it. Maybe it’s one of the reasons I don’t like the book so much, it’s all too familiar. No dashing new hero or heroine. Scarlet just seems like a little girl, she’s a bit.. ‘Flappy’, I’d say. She isn’t as interesting as Matt or the Twins. Sure, her power is probably the most destructive and ‘awesome’, but she only actively uses it once, and even then it was out of control. I’m not sure why, I just don’t like Scarlet. In Night Rise, she was confident, strong and wilful. She’s none of these in Necropolis, she’s a bit of a dandy really. Maybe she’ll live up to it all in Oblivion – she better do. A bit disappointed really.

So, there you have it. I didn’t and don’t really like Necropolis. It’s just.. Boring, really. I expect more from Horowitz, because he really is a brilliant writer, if a bit young for my tastes now. Then again, it relates back to my ‘Note on Books, and Growing Up’. Maybe a few years ago, I would have loved it.

In all, I think Necropolis merits a 5/10 from me. I really didn’t enjoy it.


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