Diamine Grey ‘Review’

Diamine Grey for day three. I don’t know what draws me to this ink, as many people find grey a dull colour, and not one that they should choose to write with. Personally, I don’t like black – it’s dull and emotionless in handwriting. I always end up filling one of my pens with this though, and it’s a great winter colour. The grey I’d really like is Iroshizuku Kiri-Same, but it’s a Pilot ink, one of the most expensive on the market at £25 a 50ml bottle (for reference, Diamine is one of the best value for money inks, at £5.65 an 80ml bottle. For the maths, that’s £0.50 pence per ml versus £0.071 pence per ml). So here is Diamine Grey:


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