Diamine Midnight ‘Review’

I’ve recently had a load of ink come through, so this week I’ll have one post a day for each colour, Sunday to Sunday. Of course, I’ll post ‘normal’ posts too, so don’t worry if the colours bore you. Feel free to comment on whether or not you like the colours, will buy them and so on. I’ve a few more inks that have only come through the post recently, but I haven’t got around to using them (they’re cartridges, and I have only one cartridge pen). Enjoy!

Lets start with Diamine Midnight, a beautiful dark blue ink. Please forgive my awful handwriting, I’m trying to improve it. You can still see the colour of the ink, even if you can’t read the words (that;s my excuse). Diamine Midnight is currently doubling as my favourite my favourite blue, and my everyday writing ink. It’s a great colour.


PS: Best get used to the Tolkien quotes!


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