Syren – Septimus Heap Series (Angie Sage) Book Review

Syren Book Review, Angie Sage

Ah Syren Syren, singing Syren. The fifth (and largest, if I am not mistaken) book in the Septimus Heap series. It’s a bit different to all of the others, and it really isn’t my favourite book in the series. Come on, this is a book review; I’m not indifferent, and neither am I obliged to give books good reviews. However, it’s part of this series review, thus I must review it. This review probably will be fairly short. I don’t have much to say about this book, in all.

In Syren, Septimus, Jenna and Beetle (again) are marooned on (I cringe to say it) a desert island. Spit Fyre has been hit by lightning, which is why they crashed their. His life – well, his tail – is hanging in the balance. The only hope for his recovery is a strange girl from Septimus’ past.. whom is not who she seems to be. Meanwhile, Milo Banda is dealing in Darke items for his Princess – does he know what he is doing?

This book starts really slowly. Literally, a third of the way through and almost nothing relevant has happened. Honestly, you could probably skip to page 200 (of about 600) and not notice the difference. Just know that Milo Banda has a chest of mysterious lead tubes, if you do. When the action really gets going.. it’s more like watching a caterpillar’s chrysalis. You know that although it’s boring and uninteresting, something beautiful will eventually emerge, something you do not want to miss. You hope that the caterpillar has not died during its’s transformation, that you’re not waiting in vain. I think that might be what happened with this story. It just doesn’t have the magic of the others. I seemed to spend most of the book waking for the story to emerge.. And it didn’t, really. It doesn’t have the magic of the other books, and I really wasn’t compelled to finish it. Throughout the course of my reading this series, I haven’t been looking forward to Syren. It wasn’t captivating the first time I read it, and it hasn’t got any better. Oh, and one final thing. Marooned-on-a-desert-island. Really? Is there no better storyline that could have been come up with? I have the greatest admiration for Angie Sage. I’ve met her, she’s a lovely lady, happy to have a conversation with me. Her other books are great. What went wrong Angie? What went wrong.

The characters Angie already has are great. Marcia, Septimus, Beetle, Jenna, Zelda; you know them by now. They’re unique, they’re deep and they’re funny. Being marooned on a desert island though, you can imagine that their isn’t a wealth of new people to meet. We only really meet one more character that is integral to the plot, and that’s Sarah Syara (Syren). Not like Ephaniah Grebe, The Doorkeeper and Hotel Ra (Hotep Ra, damn’s sake) and the others we met in Queste. Not much happens, so there isn’t much for the characters to do, so we don’t get much time to appreciate them I. This book.

Now. I am very, very hesitant to label a book as ‘bad’. I’d rather just say that I didn’t enjoy it. You may have guessed, but I didn’t enjoy Syren. It’s definitely not the as the rest of the series. It’s lacking in the ingredient that makes the rest of the series tick. It isn’t smooth like they are. It dry starts, skips and scratches (the reference, anybody?) over the plot, in a most unsatisfying way. Rather disappointing, in all.

I am going to give this book a 5/10. It’s worth reading, but only just. The reason that it is worth reading is because its part of the Sep Heap series, and is integral to the series plot. In a way, anyway. No, I’m not particularly happy. Onto better books. Darke!


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