Physik – Septimus Heap Series (Angie Sage) Book Review

Physik Book Review, Angie Sage

So, on the the third book in my re-read of Sep Heap. I’m actually writing this simultaneously with my review of Flyte, the reason being I don’t have the Flyte review on my phone, it’s on my laptop. Also, I read faster than I write, and I’m up to Syren in reading, but I’ve only completed the Magyk Review. Arrrrggghhhh.

In Physik, Silas UnSeals the ghost of Queen Etheldredda the Awful (or Etheldreadful); conspiring in Septimus being dragged back in time to the Time of Alchemie. Septimus cannot return from that Time without help, and being an Alchemie Apprentice isn’t so bad. So whilst Marcia and crew are trying to save him, Septimus is brewing a troublesome elixir..

The plot of Physik is considerably slower than that of Flyte and Magyk. It isn’t as fast paced as those books, which sort of chimes in with the seriousness of the issue. This time; Septimus might not be coming back. However, I do think this detracts from the book slightly, as it isn’t the roller-coaster than the previous two are. The plot still flows of course, it doesn’t stand still and become jerky, but its an ominous, viscous flow; not water down the mountainside. The way the book moves forward is also different to the previous instalments, as we are almost reading two parallel stories – that of the Old Time and that of the Present. It’s slightly different, but its still Angie sage. The plot of the book is a must to continue with the series. Please don’t think that I’m saying that this is bad, it’s just nice as fast paced as its predecessors. I think this is because there are more technicalities as to why things happen, the consequences if they don’t, and so forth in the book. This makes the book deeper than the first two, as we see two conflicting sides attempting to gain away over Septimus: Marcia and Marcellus now consider Septimus as their apprentice, and Septimus is stuck in the middle. I think the plot of Physik flows well into the plot of Queste, which follows it. Both of these books deal with Time as the subject of the plot, and link to each other well.

Again, Angie Sage introduces us to a few more characters, but she doesn’t build as much on her existing ones this time. I think that they’ve grown as much as they need to under Angie’s guidance, and now they will develop under her pen as the stories progress. The new characters that we are introduced to are all of a different vein; the reason being that they are of the old Time. This gives them a wonderfully antique personality, and Angie develops their speech into a beautifully circuitous fashion that really suits them. We even meet a young(er) ghost of Sir Hereward, who is still a much lovable old fellow out to help the Princess. We meet one of the old Keepers, and of course awful Etheldreadful. Angie sage hasn’t lost her knack of developing great characters, and they’re great fun to read about; so get on!

Physik definitely runs through a different vein than Magyk and Flyte. It’s a bit darker, a bit scarier, and on the whole more dangerous. At first, these were not things that I’d associate with the Septimus Heap books. The first time I read it, I didn’t particularly like it, I thought it was a strange way to shoot. However, having re-read it (multiple times) now, I think it works well with the rest of the series; which are all more in depth. Think of it in this way if you like: Physik is a bridge book, connecting the lighter start of the series with the ‘other end’ of the series. It’s a good way to do things. It allows Angie a slower rate of change in her writing style, so we don’t feel out of our depth in Queste. Come on, this is a Sep Heap book! It’s great, it really is. The key words (I think ‘buzz words’ is used in schools nowadays) I would attribute to the series are: witty, quirky, unique. That’s some pretty special stuff. What I would most definitely not describe the series as is similar to Harry Potter. I don’t think the two series are very similar to be honest. Harry Potter is older, and a good deal darker (past the first three books anyway). This book is well worth your time, like all of the books in the SH series. Angie Sage is a skilled writer.

From me, this book gets a good ol’ 7.5/10. Hey, I never said I was sticking to integer values. It’s slightly better than Flyte if you look at it the right way, but it’s still not Magyk. It’s not that first time cheer.


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