Welcome, all. Greetings and salutations. Hello, hello.

We are about to set off of on an adventure, an experience through untold worlds. We will meet many people and watch many great events, I am sure. How will we do this? Which trusty steed shall carry us through the frenetic chaos of imagination that awaits us? Books, of course!

I will be reviewing the books I read onto this blog, in the hope that I can pass on in part, my love of books. I am sure that many of you that will read these pages will already have an avid love of books. I hope that I can open your eyes further to what it out there; and to show and share with you the things I love.

So, what exactly will I be writing about? Whatever book takes my fancy, of course! However, the genres that I expect will be most prevalent are:

Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Sci Fi and perhaps a kiss of romance.

I am indeed, a lover of fiction. The unreal, the impossible and the insane. Is there anything better than the deeds and adventures of the magical, the brave, the unsuspecting, the reckless and the wronged?

Here are a few of my favourite (yes, English English) authors.

J.R.R. Tolkien (and C. Tolkien), Terry Pratchett, Darren Shan, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and Angie Sage.

In my reviews, I will try my utmost to disclose as little of the plot as possible, despite a personal belief that foreknowledge will not dampen the experience one bit. I don’t know anybody that actively reads book reviews to decides what to buy; but for those that will read here to see whether a book is worth buying, I shall refrain. When do I read book reviews? After I’ve read the book! It interests me to learn what other people thought of the book in comparison to my own thoughts.

The books I review will not necessarily be new. Some will be fairly old. Classics don’t become classics overnight, and though a classic will not need my review to make it great; I’m sure someone will be interested as to my opinions.

So, let us venture forth.

Anar calúva tielyanna.


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